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In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

Better Days, Hard one coming up

Original post date was August 20, 2006

Yesterday and today were better days. I like having the family home; it makes a world of difference. Lynn was after me via the phone on Friday, because I hadn’t yet called the other psycho dude. I did that, so I’ll see him/her on the 13th of September; or, the 23rd, I can’t remember right now. Doesn’t matter a lot, they send a bunch of paperwork I have to fill out first anyway.

Sailed both Saturday and Sunday, that was excellent; everyone was being mellow; they had a brutal drive home, with JT unable to help out. So the full 24 hours of driving in 3 days, fell to Lynn- she was wiped out. Seems to be feeling better tonight though, so that’s good.

We’ve been collecting stuff for the big move on Thursday; chair, bedding, desk lamp, etc, etc.

I hate it.

I know, you work and teach and deal with the bumps and bruises and the heartaches and headaches, to get them ready to move on, to move away from the “mom and dad looking over your shoulder” to the first steps towards independence.

I know all that, but how come no one told me how hard it would be? He hasn’t even left yet, and I miss him! How goofy is that? And, why would I seem to have to anticipate it? I mean, isn’t Thursday soon enough? Maybe it’s because I’ve hardly seen him- he’s running around to see all his friends, who are also running around getting ready to spread across the country, and so it’s as if he’s already halfway gone?

I don’t know, but I know Thursday is going to be a wild mixed up mess, sad and proud and happy and bummed and all that goes along with it.


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