A Rock Feels No Pain

In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me


Original posting date was August 10, 2006

Moonlight; sand; white skin glows, contrasting with the tan, outlined in soft light. Soft breeze, just strong enough to feel, to keep the nasty bugs away. Warm caresses, building heat.

Soft skin, smooth under my hands, warm hands on my own. Eyes open, watching each other, slowly touching, growing more insistent, more demanding. Tongues dancing, sweet tastes mingling…

Slowly unbuttoning, red satin spread, pushed aside for skin to skin, crinkling in the air, sucking and kissing with little tugs, pulling, tingling and moans. Warm tangle of soft hair, moist heat. Full soft grasp, hardening in hand…

Satin tossed, naked and proud in the moonlight, dark pools of eyes, lips and mouth, kissing and nibbling, warmth in the night. Laying back, opening, kissing sucking licking. Fingers probing, gasps, moans and legs pulled back, open. Insistent tongue, fingers; hands to nipples, hard and erect, dark skin against the pale breast…

Watching, loving, trembling knees, fluttering squeezes, pulsing around fingers, on mouth, more, wanting more. Sweet tang, thickening and swelling, reaching peak, head rolling, eyes closing. Flush barely visible in the soft light, loving and hot..

Urgently lifting, slippery heat, surrounding. Pressing, thrusting, grinding together. Gasps and whispers, murmurings and babblings. Wrapped in arms and legs, tugged tight, held close, drawn together…

Pushing, rapid, faster, warm wetness surrounding, enveloping. Squeezing, letting go, pushing in hard, release; softer, slower movement, panting and laughing together, falling apart side by side, holding in the after. Kisses and caresses, loving touches, breath and heartrates slowing, easing.

Sitting up, watching, wading into the cool lake, lapping over skin, suddenly invisible under the water; soft sounds of splashing, gently wiping. Shirt waiting, pulling over, warm after the water.

Walking through woods, back to the bed, warm cuddling, holding and kisses, falling into sleep, softly holding each other, gentle contact, legs twining, hands matched.


Filed under: relationship, sex

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