A Rock Feels No Pain

In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

Oooowwweeey (AKA some people never learn)

Original posting date was July 29th, 2006

I haven’t been so dumb about the sun in a long, loong, time. Ouch. I hurt on the backs of my shoulders (and I thought I had the shirt on again soon enough!), the tops of my ears (yes, a dumb spot, but always the first to fry) and the tops of my thighs, at my knees.

#1 says that if I get any redder, it’s going to look like paint. Ouch!

However, I really can’t complain other than that. We got up early and headed directly to the east side of the river, to meet the PO and take delivery. We were there early, and stopped at a little turn-out on the way in, and were looking over the river when he arrived, also early.

He had some more manuals and the waypoints for the trip to Block Island printed for me, in case I decide to try that; and, he needed to retrieve a box of drill bits that he’d left aboard. So the three of us strolled out the dock to the boat, and as I warmed the engine, you could see the hurting in his eyes, and the way he stood watching. He looked so forlorn, as he cast off the lines for the last time, and I backed out of the slip.

The boy said he walked ahead to the shore, as he felt that this was a very hard time; PO has had the boat for a while, with a lot of family adventures and single-handed sailing too, and it showed.

However, we are going to treat her right, and use her well; as I motored across to the boat club, to pick up the boy, I could feel the excitement building. I paced impatiently as I waited for him to arrive, so we could have our first cruise- and a joy it was!

The wind was easy at first, then died off to almost nothing; mid-afternoon we had an hour or two of perfect sailing wind, heeling nicely and moving well. As we turned to head back, the wind faded again and we ended up motoring in the last bit- as #1 put it then, “To save your skin, from becoming paint!”

What a joy it was to sail with him; we got to chatter about nothing, and lay back and listen. We told really bad jokes, and talked of life and love and friendship, boats and cars and girls and bowling. We talked about whatever, and it was grand.

When we returned, I realized that the cleats on this boat are smaller, and I’ll have to replace my mooring’s harness to fit, so we put her on the guest mooring tonight. Tomorrow, to the store, fix the mooring, and then back on the water- with LOTS of sunblock, I assure you!



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