A Rock Feels No Pain

In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

It’s Here!

I have a new saying, motto, favorite lyric snippit, whatever it’d be called- as of now. I’ve decided that one thing that really helps me, is knowing I’m not alone, and here’s a guy who can sing about demons on your back, and has a good attitude for me to adopt.. check it out over there>>>

The full lyrics are here, I love this song tonight.

Goes along with a good day today, the last couple days I was down, but today’s been great- singing and playing with the kids, and all.

I gave Lynn a massage last night, first one on the new massage table. I had “borrowed” one in Jamaica, and it was soooo much better than a massage on the bed, that as soon as we got home on Wednesday night, I bid on ebay, and won this (no, I didn’t pay that price, gotta love ebay!)

It arrived yesterday, and it’s fantastic, compared to duck walking around on the bed, trying to avoid flopping onto the victim (errrr, person I’m massaging), I don’t know how we did without it for so long.

A nice relaxing Swedish massage for her, and then tucking her into bed all warm and cozy, covering her and kissing her goodnight… very very sweet thing. No wonder I love giving a massage, it’s such a warm and pleasant thing to do.

Sometimes, of course, the massage becomes foreplay, but even if it doesn’t, it feels so intimate, just the soft touch of skin, warm oils and soft music. We have a set of cd’s that are made for relaxation, I put one on, turned down the lights, and had her climb up.

Such a mellow, nice interlude, I’m thinking that I’ll go and give her another one tonight!


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One Response

  1. Karen says:

    Lucky Lynn! I think I could do with one of those. hmm must check up about it.

    *hugs* and love!

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