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In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

Holy Big City Playtime Batman

Or, something like that. Yesterday, was an absolutely wild day, a wonderful sexy hot exciting adventurous exhibitionist fool-around-in-public awesome day.

Oh, did I mention that I had a great day yesterday? Why? Let me tell you.

I went to work very early as we had an application that was being upgraded, and since the systems that it runs on are my responsibility, I had to be there in case of problems. Because I was at my desk at 6:45, I went to lunch relatively early. I chose to go to the library, where there is a free hotspot, and spent a few moments on IM with Lynn.

The upshot of the conversation, is that we decided to head into New York City for dinner, some shopping, some people-watching and some playtime. Oh, boy, did we ever!

Lynn drove to my office, and picked me up and we proceeded to the train together. She had put on a beautiful top, it’s a black tank-top thing, with an over-shirt in red flowers, very light fabric, very sexy but modest. We caught the 4:33 train, changed to the PATH across the Hudson, and disembarked at the Christopher Street station, and began walking the village.

We were wandering, looking for Babeland. We’d both been captured, figuratively speaking, by this from AAG’s blog, and had determined that we should go and get a treat- perhaps not the identical model, but something fun to play with and explore. Well, I wasn’t so sure we needed that model, but lately we’ve been having a lot of backside fun, and I have wanted something a little bit bigger than what we have.

We spent a long time in the store, wandering around and talking and looking, and we did indeed end up purchasing the njoy Fun Wand. Carrying that in a shopping bag, in its satin-lined box as we went to eat wonderful, spicy Indian food was a turn-on just by itself. Glancing down to where I’d stashed it against the wall, the bright yellow-orange color attracting my eyes, was enough to make my breath change now and then. Having Lynn reach under the tablecloth and make sure that I was “awake”, was, of course, a big help toward keeping me aroused.

After dinner, as I waited for the check, Lynn excused herself and went to the restroom. Nothing unusual in that, of course, but when she walked out and crossed the restaurant towards me, head high and shoulders back proudly, it was amazing- she’d cut the over-shirt and underneath shirt apart, and was wearing only the overshirt. Now, I don’t know exactly how to explain this, but the overshirt is very sheer on the white parts, very frilly around the collar, and is designed to only tie in the front, just under the breast.

What this meant, is that the shirt was showing cleavage down to *there*, with the tops of her wonderful breasts showing, and even to the closure of the black bra she was wearing. Then below, of course, just the flashes of skin as the shirt’s lower portion swished back and forth, teasing glimpses of skin, just enough to make one wish it would open and stay open. And this is from a woman who, a couple of years ago (maybe as recently as 18 months or so), would hardly wear a blouse that didn’t have a crew-neck equivalent neckline.

We walked, hand in hand sometimes, just side by side other times, looking into the store windows, watching the eyes of the people that would pass us in the other direction, seeing which ones were glancing, who was noticing. Being New York, of course, many didn’t even bat an eye- there were a lot of women who were wearing things just as low-cut, but for me, it was a wonderful turn-on just because it was Lynn. We stopped for ice cream cones, and Lynn made no attempt to hide herself, or stop anyone that cared to look to have a nice view of her sexy bra and breasts.

We found the PATH station, picked up MetroNorth, and got on our train- and that’s when the fun escalated. Lynn sat next to me, uncaring about the people around us, and promptly opened my pants and started stroking me, and laying her head in my lap, between station stops, gave me a mobile blowjob. Amazing, such an incredibly hot, such an incredibly arousing experience. We’d whisper to one another, shall we save it, or make a mess here? What a rush, a thrill, the only thing blocking a full view was Lynn’s position as she “rested” against me, and a sweatshirt she draped over my lap as a “pillow”.

We opted to save, and when we arrived at our stop, went and got in her car to go get mine. On the way to her car, we had to make a short detour, for a totally unnecessary ride up and down the elevator. (Except, she wanted to suck me some more, which really does make it necessary, I guess, right?)

We had to drive home separately, but that was okay too, because she promptly called me on my cellphone and described in detail the continuation of what she would do with her tongue and mouth as I drove, if only we weren’t in two vehicles. Is there anything more exciting than hearing what a hot, sexy exciting woman is planning to do to you? To hear that you’re wanted, and that she finds you exciting and sexy and desirable, is about the sexiest thing around.

Long post, but wait- we’re not even in the bedroom yet!

Sooo, we got home, and made sure all the kids were tucked in properly (thank God for kids that are old enough to leave alone, everyone should have a 19 year-old!), and made it to the bedroom.

Locking the door as she came in, she turned and posed for a bunch of pictures of her in that sweet, sweet sexy outfit. She flashed the shirt, opening it and showing off, teasing, and slowly taking off her capris and dropping the shirt to the ground, then slipping out of her sexy black bra, joining me on the bed and immediately resuming her activities on my cock.

Then, it was time to test out the toy.

Oh. My. God.

If butt-play is something you like, you *need* this toy. It holds heat, from hot water, can be chilled, either in the fridge or cold water, and it’s just hefty enough to be very, very different from the cheapo plastic plug we have.

Feeling the steel slipping inside me, stretching and spreading, first one, then two, then three bulges, filling and spreading and holy cow, it’s on my prostate, I think I’m going to lose it already!!!!

Didn’t, but oh wow, it felt amazing. Feeling it deep inside, moving around gently, as Lynn played and stroked and licked and sucked me some more, was divine; when I was unable to stand it any longer, she spun it around inside me, so the outer curve was out of the way, and then slipped onto me and started riding me, bouncing on me, my hands all over her and kissing her, and feeling that warm velvety wet smoothness enveloping me, as the steel shifted in me with every little movement, every clench of my butt driving the tip onto my prostate.

It was absolutely fabulous. She came, I came, and we collapsed next to each other for a moment- and then, she started pulling it out. Wow, what a feeling, as each of the protrusions slipped through my sphincter, jeez. I thought we were done, but no, in it went again, and out once more, just because she could.

I turned her over, and started playing and kissing and licking her, because she was so irresistibly hot, when I decided it was her turn. Hot water, soap and disinfectant, and some new lube, and it was her turn. God, what an incredibly hot feeling, slipping the wand into her, watching it slide deeper, watching her face and nipples react, seeing her so wet and swollen from our sex.

She wanted more, more, more, so I grabbed her other favorite, the lovely hand-blown glass dildo, acquired during our first NYC adult shopping adventure, and slipped it deep into her pussy. I could see the njoy move around as the dildo pressed against it internally. Is there
anything that *looks* sexier than a truly aroused woman? I don’t think so, either. She was so hot, so ready, it was fantastically exciting just to watch her, to gaze at her. One day, I’ll figure out how to capture that with my camera, when I can grow a few more hands.

All day today, I could hardly concentrate, I kept having flashes and images, memories of last night were intruding everywhere I would go. I think I’m hooked, and I don’t want to be cured!


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  1. redheadedtomboy says:

    I love this post! OMG!!!

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