A Rock Feels No Pain

In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

First Time

Funny, the things that run through my mind, sometimes. I was on the train coming home from New York today, which is different for me- I don’t work in the city, and normally drive myself to work- but on the train, when I don’t have to drive, I can daydream, think, or remember. Don’t read this if you don’t like smut, though, okay?

Their lips fused, melded together, warm breath mingled and heated the air in what little space was between their faces. His hands softly ran over smooth skin, exploring the swell of her breasts, feeling them rising to the crinkling, hardening peak, which was darkening from the usual light pink to a deeper brown. He found the very tip, hard little nubs of skin under his palm, and gently squeezed, caressed them as he moved his hands higher across her chest.

He cupped her cheeks in his hands, holding her face as he drew out the kiss, their tongues played a game of tag as lips pressed more urgently together. As her hands slipped around his waist, and moved down to cup his cheeks, she drew him closer to her. She felt his warm hardness pressing against her mound, against her belly, and moaned softly deep in her throat.

He felt the soft tickle of her sparse hairs on his erection, felt the warmth of her radiating from the soft folds, and broke the kiss to look into her eyes, still holding her face gently between his palms. He bent lower then, running his lips along her neck, and over her shoulders, using slight pressure of his hands and mouth to move her backward, until her knees reached the bed. He continued to press forward, making her sit on the bed, and slowly began moving his mouth lower, across her chest, tiny quick lip nibbles alternating with gentle flicks of his tongue. When he reached her nipples, he paused and drew first one, then the other deeply into his mouth, suckling and making them stand up ever further.

As she lay back on the bed, her hands began to toy with his hair, stroking and moving it, fingertips rubbing his scalp, and she felt his mouth work across her belly, the warm trail of moisture from his mouth drying on her breasts. Her skin felt the coolness as the air touched where his mouth had just been, contrasted with the heat of his tongue and lips. She moaned again, softly but deeper, as his hands had to leave her shoulders, and began to follow his mouth down her body, fingers rubbing and gently kneading where his mouth had led; the mouth that reached her mound and paused, as he moved all around that soft warm pad of skin, lightly covered in the wispy curly pubic hair that she kept carefully trimmed for him, because he loved it so.

He inhaled deeply, smelling her arousal, feeling her skin warming under his hands, licking and sucking the soft flesh gently. Teasing her, he worked around and over and side to side, up and down, drawing ever nearer to her clit, but never making contact. He continued this down one side, pressing her legs wide and using his arms to push her thighs open; tracing the soft line between her hip and down to her ass, leaping across to lick his way back up and across the top of her pubes, he relished her soft sounds of frustration and need, wanting and excitement.

He paused a moment, and stood, looking down at her, as she lay spread and aroused, marveling at how beautiful she looked in the dim, flickering light of the candle. He quickly stepped back, running his hands down her legs, along her calves and holding her by the ankles, one in each hand. He lifted her legs up higher, drawing her hips off the bed, and lowered his mouth to her again. His mouth found her clit this time, zeroing in on it, and gave her what she was asking for, tongue flicking rapidly around her clit, drawing it into his mouth, rolling it with his lips and teeth and tongue.

She panted, head rolling from side to side, back arching and arms rigid, hands clenched into fists holding the bedclothes, and began to whimper and sigh, whispering to him, for as long as she could, before her voice trailed off into unintelligible noises that could have been saying anything.

She felt the heat of his mouth on her, drawing her excitement up and out of her, felt her body growing warmer and the need more insistent, rising from somewhere deep in her center, as he lapped and stroked her, licking and sucking her wet swollen lips into his mouth.

She felt his hand leave her leg, and strained her hips higher, knowing what he would do next, feeling his fingers probing her opening, spreading her soft folds to accommodate it, slowly slipping inside her, turning it gently, and then the sharp, almost painful pressure as he found her most sensitive spot, and drew his fingers against it hard. She clamped her thighs as tightly as she could, around his hand and face, feeling the double stimulation of clit and g-spot to be almost more than she could bear.

Time stood still for the lovers then, as he continued to give her all the stimulation and pleasure he knew how, and she began to feel as if she couldn’t stand it anymore, the pressure to release growing inside her, deeper and hotter and stronger with each moment that passed, becoming too much to bear, but unable to have him stop. She moaned and thrashed and panted, skin shining with effort and arousal, long-untouched nipples still proudly erect.

Finally, at last, in a rush, her climax overwhelmed her, and she whimpered and groaned, trying to muffle her release in her arm, rolling her head from side to side, her neck tensing and hips bucking frantically. As she did, he felt, for the first time a great rush of liquid, much more than her usual sweet wetness, flowing from deep within her, running down his fingers to his hand, flowing faster than he could lap and suck and swallow.

As she collapsed into the bed, thighs opening and legs dropping, arm moving from her mouth to push him gently away, her too-sensitive clit throbbing, he lifted his head in wonder and excitement.

She had never squirted before, so as he moved alongside her on the bed, his hand finding and gently cupped her mons, fingers gently resting on and between her lips; as he kissed her temple and she turned to kiss him, she started to giggle softly. They slept then, holding one another closely, connected by another first time.


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5 Responses

  1. Redhead Editor says:

    I should not be reading this stuff before work. I need a cigarette… and I don’t even smoke.

    Keep riding the train.

  2. redheadedtomboy says:

    WooHoo! Very, very good! I love it!! I agree with redhead (funny we almost have the same name) I don’t smoke either but now would be a great time for a cigarette.

    I love writing erotica too…I need to get to work again. This one will be hard to beat. 😉

  3. redheadedtomboy aka trh says:

    haha, i just realized (looking back through your other posts) that in the past I posted as trh… hehe

    trh = redheadedtomboy

    I know, silly comment eh? Have a great weekend!!

  4. DaNewb says:

    Now that was a great story… I tip my hat to you sir! I started reading this at my office, but had to stop short… due to a problem that was popping up. I finished it at home. The reading I mean… 😀


  5. Kittie Kate says:

    That’s nice!

    I never squirted that way. I sometimes get messy from sex though.

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