A Rock Feels No Pain

In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me


Just some thoughts when I couldn’t sleep, the other night.

I lay back, holding her in my arms, pulling her close to me as she put her head on my shoulder and slid her hand across my chest. I moved my hand down to cup her breast, teasing the nipple lightly and causing the soft skin to crinkle and bump around the nipple as her breath changed ever so slightly. Her fingers started playing with the hair on my chest, teasing it and tickling it with just a bit of pressure, just enough to let me feel her warm hand on me.

She sighed, and tilted her head back, and our lips joined. Sliding her tongue into my mouth, I could taste her, feel the warmth and soft, oh so soft pressure of her tongue. Slowly, gently, she moved her mouth on mine, pressed herself against me as we kissed, her soft warm breasts and skin touching mine, leaning into me and warming me. Gently, she slid her hand lower, across my stomach, still playing and teasing the hair, following the line it makes, down to my crotch.

Teasingly, circling around and around, moving her hand so close but never grasping me, lower and under my balls, back up and around- exquisite torture, as she kept her lips locked to mine. My eyes were open, although hers were not, but I so love watching her as we touch and caress and tease one another. I moved my own hands then, sliding across her breast, down her waist and pressing in between her thighs. She sighed into my mouth, lifting her leg to allow my fingers to move to her center.

She was wet already, the moisture just starting to seep out from within the soft warmth of her lips. I used my fingers to open her more fully, gently probing, pressing slowly inside her.

We broke the kiss then, leaning back a little, and looking into each other’s eyes; hers tend to darken as she gets aroused, which never fails to increase my own excitement. At this point, they were almost black, deep pools that reflected her excitement.

Moving more rapidly now, her hand started to stroke me, grasping and drawing as I hardened in her hand. I too, moved more quickly, stimulating her clit and pressing into her wetness, adding a second and then a third finger. I began to roll my hand around, pressing against the outer walls, watching her face as she felt that motion, felt the arousal building within her.

“Now”, she whispered, releasing her grip on me, and tugging to move me over her, “Now please.”

I moved to lay above her, sliding myself into her, feeling that wonderful stretching tightening as she opened and accepted the pressure; watching her face, her eyes closing, feeling her deep breath under me as I slip inside her, both of us loving that first warmth of entering.

We stayed still for a long time then, just feeling one another, as close as we could get; feeling her tease, occasionally tightening around me, making it hard for me to stay still. I squeeze now and then, to move myself against her, press gently against her clit with my pubic bone, trying to make her feel the same excitement as I am.

Eventually, we couldn’t stand it- we had to move, and so we started to thrust against one another, pressing and releasing, pushing in and drawing out. Faster, and deeper, until she lifted her legs up over my shoulders, changing the angle as I pushed into her. “So much deeper, so different,” she whispered once, looking deep into my eyes.

We finished together, spasming deep inside her, as she pulsed around me, and when she lowered her legs I collapsed onto her, both of us breathing fast, hearts racing and bodies hot together.

A couple of “I love you” whispers, and we slept, still joined, still feeling the warmth and love.


Filed under: erotic, fantasy, sex

3 Responses

  1. redheadedtomboy says:

    WOW!!! Very very good!!!

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. EmmaK says:

    this felt beautiful and very intimate and real…but you say it was fantasy?? was it how it used to be between you or how you wish it was?

  3. Redhead Editor says:

    It was so real that I forgot it was titled “Fantasy.” So which was it? Either way, it was lovely to read. Delightful to imagine.

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