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In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

A post from TrueSelf

Today, it’s Great Blog Swap Day. You can find my post over on Buttaflys blog, but today you get to read trueself, herself.
If you don’t know about the Great Blog Swap, you can find the usual suspects over on FTN’s blog.

Generally I’m a fairly prolific blogger. I have a thought, and I blog it. However, I get invited to join this whole “Guest Blogger” thing, and writer’s block hit me in a big way. Nothing like pressure to turn me into a blubbering idiot. Ha!

The first thing I did when given this assignment was to come over here and read a bit of Sailor’s blog. I thought maybe I could find some common ground between us and find a blog topic that way. That didn’t really help me too much though. The most striking similarity between him and me is that we both suffer depression. Interestingly, he calls it the Black Thing. I’ve always called it the Black Hole. There is definitely something black about depression. However, somehow that just didn’t sound like a fun topic for a guest blogger to blog.

So here I am with nothing to say, but as I’ve often said on my own blog, I never let that stop me. Nope. As long as there is a blank screen I’ll fill it with something.

I do find blogging to be an interesting phenomenon. One of my friends calls it “the journal that talks back.” That’s a pretty apt description of my blog at least. I started it to put all the thoughts that I wasn’t “allowed” to express in real life. I started it without any thought about anyone else ever reading it. As a matter of fact, I pretty much assumed nobody was reading it. I mean, after all, how would anyone find my little blog amidst the plethora of minutia on the internet?

Then, shortly after I started blogging, a comment appeared on one of my posts. I was surprised to say the least. Given the topic upon which the comment appeared I almost feared what it would say, but I opened it to find it was filled with understanding and some decent advice. My commenter and I opened a dialogue with one another, and although she was someone I didn’t know and someone who lived very far away, a different country even, I found her to be a very important support to me through a difficult time.

As time went on, other readers found my little blog, and I found blogs that I enjoyed reading for various reasons. The biggest reason I continue blogging now and will continue blogging is because in it I can talk about all manner of topics, express my opinions openly and honestly without censoring myself to appear “normal” or “reasonable” or what have you. On my blog I can be just myself without fear of repercussions in real life, and one thing I have learned is that I’m not so weird, so out of the ordinary after all. Blogging has shown me that my thoughts and opinions aren’t so “out there.”

Well, there you go, a little sample of my blogging style. Have nothing to say and say it in the wordiest way possible. If you want more of that, stop by my place, Deepest Darkest Thoughts, anytime.


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2 Responses

  1. Lil Bit says:

    Very nice post, TS (can I call ya that? lol) ~

    Ohhh, the joys (and trials) of blogging. Interesting you chose that topic as it’s also the topic of MY guest poster! =)

    You’re right — it’s refreshing to find others who can relate. It helps us all to feel less ‘alone’ in this world.

    Great post & may you discover more things about yourself which make you UNIQUE & SPECIAL (not abnormal or weird or what-have-you).

    sidenote to Sailor Dave ~ lol, upon visiting your blog I read your name as “Sai Lord LV”. LOL!

  2. dani says:

    This is an awesome post! Blog swapping huh? Hmmmmm

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