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In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

Bad penny- I’ve turned up again

So. What to say? There’s been a fair amount of “stuff” going on, but probably not as interesting to you, as to me. So, I guess I’ll just meander, as the old title of this blog was.

Surgery sucks, there’s no other word for it- so if you happen to wake up one morning, saying to yourself: “Gee, I think I’ll go and have my throat slit and my spine ground, and get some titanium put in, so I can be just like Dave!”, well, if you happen to be saying that- YOU’RE FREAKING NUTS!!

Don’t do this, unless you are desperate, and have exhausted all other options. Then put it off for another eight months, hoping that something will change, and then pray for another couple, to make sure your head is on straight. Then, and only then, do you want to do this. Or rather, not so much want to, cuz you don’t- but, you’ll at least know it’s the right decision, anyway.

So, it went well, was done last Tuesday, one week ago. I see the Doc for the first follow-up tomorrow, and we’ll then get an idea of what the next steps are; do I start therapy soon, etc, etc. At the moment, I do nothing but sit; I can’t lift over 5 lbs (Know how much YOUR laptop weighs?? Hmmm?? Quit laughing, I have to slide it on and off the chair, to my lap, on a cookie sheet). I can’t bend, twist, lift, push, pull, lower; no housework at all- no dishes, vacuum, dusting, nothing at all. Now, granted, that part isn’t bad- except there’s a huge difference between not doing those things by choice, and being forbidden.

Now, I’m bored out of my mind, lol- netflix, pogo, reading (minimal, book positioning is awkward), walking and eating. Oh boy oh boy. Anyone play online games? Let me know!

Other stuff, and more why I was taking a bit of a step back from here, is mostly still there. I guess attempting to understand myself doesn’t really matter, if i’m hanging out on blogs, or writing here, or not. Mostly, I was finding that there were areas that I was uncomfortable with, and needed to decide if it was real, or my head, or what. I’m not sure I decided anything, but I sure think about it a lot; once I’ve decided, I’ll be sure to let myself know.

My Dad’s going to come for Christmas this year. It’ll be the first time we’ve been home for Christmas in five years, since we started going to California for Mom, before she died, and then did the last couple years in Minnesota, to be with Dad. I’m looking forward to just being home, honestly- even if it’s chaos, having extras in, and all that, I love that and I really wanted to just be here this year, sot hat’s going to be good.

Not sure what the final arrangements for Thanksgiving are, we’ve been seeing Lynn’s brother the last few years, but that’s an hour + drive, and I’m not sure I can sit in a car that long. Based on today’s ride, just to the polling place and back, and right now, I’d say no way. But, things change in three weeks, so we’ll see how it all is then.

That’s enough for now; but if there’s anyone that still looks, I’m back; and I’ve missed you all, and left comments on a lot of blogs today, hope to see you around.


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12 Responses

  1. It was nice to see you pop up in my inbox after such an absence! The surgery sounds like it was intense. I’d be going a bit stir crazy. As in a lot! Hope you feel better soon, and therapy isn’t too intense.

  2. Desmond Jones says:

    Good to see you out and about in the ‘hood, Dave. Ditto what faDKoG said. Recovery sucks, but it’s far, far better than the alternative. . .

  3. C-Marie says:

    HI!!!!!! Glad to see you back around – so sorry you dealt with such a dramatic surgery but I bet you’ll be as good as new very soon! Hope you get to feelin’ better!!!

  4. Glad to see you back!! Hope you’re feeling better soon!!

  5. Kate says:

    Glad to see you back. Hope you recover fully. 🙂

  6. Dave says:

    fadkog, thanks- it’s intense, and I am going way stir crazy. But, it needed to be done.

    Desmond, thank you as well. Yeah, it’s going to be better, for sure!

    Marie, Hi, and I’ll feel better!

    Buttafly, good to be back, i’ve missed you all

    Kate, thanks, going well so far.

  7. Melissa says:

    Yikes! Glad everything went well, and hope you’re back on your feet and lifting whatever you’d like very very soon!

  8. Dave says:

    Melissa, Thanks, it’s going to be slow, but I’ll get there!

  9. tam says:

    So glad to see you back! 🙂

  10. Dave says:

    Tam, Thanks- glad to be back 🙂

  11. Lil Bit says:

    Nope, a “head’s up” penny, cuz you’re BAAAACK! =)
    So glad to see you again… let this be a place to fight the boredom as you recover, k?
    *big hugs*

  12. Lil Bit says:

    er…. make that *gentle hugs*, lol — wouldn’t wanna make ya wince. 😉

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