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In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

I have a boring life right now

Sitting here all day, and all night, does get very dull at times. I find that I’m looking forward to the silliest things, in order to break up the monotony.

For instance, did you know that you can plan your lunch, for a good 15 minutes, if you really work at it? It’s true! You get to start by thinking when you should have something; then you can reconsider that for a good long time. Next, think about what you might want to have, and change that around, too. Once you have settled on time and menu, you get to reflect on the process you went through to get there, and second guess each step, item, time option. Oh boy! Before you know it, you’ve consumed a whole quarter of an hour- oh, wait. Never mind, did I say 15 minutes? I guess that was only 15 seconds. Darn. Now what’s next?

Movies, on netflix; old tv shows; music, lots of music to explore (Thanks Therese and Desmond!). Books are harder, holding them is still awkward and painful, but there are books. Showers are an adventure not to be missed, especially standing afterward to change the pads in the collar. How still can YOU stay? Lots and lots of ½ mile walks, too- I am the worlds best at doing that circuit 5-7 times a day. Yes, I could go further- but that only consumes time once, this way I can have a whole bunch of activities! Poking around on Flickr, of course, is good, and there’s always a game to play on pogo.

So, now that each of these activities is done, at least once, we’re all the way up to 7.30. AM. Morning. Yeah. So, substitute breakfast for lunch, and you’ve managed to get to 7.32.


Remember the times, when work got overwhelming, or family was crowding, and you said to yourself: “I’d love to have time to just sit and do nothing.”

You’re wrong, lol. What you want is to have the CHOICE to do nothing, or any of the time-fillers you may like. Heck, I’m not allowed to vacuum- and suddenly, I have this overwhelming need to vacuum. I can’t do the dishes- but now, I wanna, dangit. Big, big difference between choosing not to do something, and not being allowed to do something. Blech.

On the other hand, there are improvements, which is probably why the time is going slower and slower. I can sleep better now- still in the chair, but for several hours in a row; and yesterday, I lay down on the bed (so I could lie on my side, silly thing to miss but I do), and fell asleep for about 15 minutes- and that’s great, comparatively speaking.

We did decided not to worry the doctor for “clearance” to resume having sex, thank goodness- Lynn was so dang worried about wiggling my neck, she’d threatened to cut off indefinitely. Luckily, that’s a horrible idea, and the idea of playing is much more attractive, to both of us. So, got that going for me too. Nothing like a little loving TLC, to help ya feel better too.

So, not a lot to say, but this is my world right now- the inside thoughts, which of course happen all the time- those will wait till another time.

Now… what’s for a mid-morning snack? Hmmm…

and when? Hmmmm…



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10 Responses

  1. therese says:

    I’m sorry things are so boring for you right now. That sucks. Have you considered getting some foreign language CD’s? You could study a new language without needing to hold a book. There are lots of educational things like that you could listen to if the tedium of television is about to kill you.

  2. Desmond Jones says:

    I know that if Molly were in a similarly ‘forced’ situation, our family, and all our friends, and anybody else she could think of, would be prayed for like they never had been.

    I’m not that holy. . .

    Blaise Pascal once said that the whole problem of modern man is that he doesn’t know how to sit quietly in his room. (*Raising Hand* that would be me, too). So, you get to work on your ‘Pascal exercises’; lucky you. . . 😉

    I know, when I’m even home sick with the flu, or somesuch. . . once I’m past the stage where I’m not just sleeping all the time, even then, it’s hard to just read for hours on end, much as I might love to (at least in theory). . .

    So, God bless you, Dave; hope you’re able to increase your ‘activity level’ soon. . .

  3. I suppose this is a classic example of ‘slow and steady wins the race, but I can understand how you must be feeling cooped up by this point!

  4. Dave says:

    Therese- thankfully my family had gotten me a learn- Spanish set of cd’s for my birthday in September- and, thankfully, you reminded me that even though I’d been using them in the car, they can be played here as well!

    Desmond- One of the books I do manage to hold, regularly, is the bible and the lectionary; and although I haven’t read Pascal properly (Okay, not much beyond bare recognition from school, lol), I’ll work on that.

    fadkog- Slow and steady, but you bet I’m going to win in the end- cooped up for now, means I’ll be back in action properly, just a little time right?

  5. Lil Bit says:

    Hmmm…. since holding a book is difficult, then I guess crosswords and such are not an option either, huh? Does it also rule out writing? — Oh, the lists and things I could write if given the time, lol

    Orrrr, check out this list.
    LOL, I know it’s geared for kids, but some of ’em made me laugh. Maybe you’ll get a chuckle or 2, too. =)

    Hang in there!

  6. Lil Bit says:

    Hmmm, my comment disappeared. Or maybe you have ‘comment approval’ turned on now?

  7. Lil Bit says:

    Well crap, THAT one showed up…wtf?

    Maybe it was cuz I had a link in the first one. Gah!

    Ok, as I was ORIGINALLY saying, lol….

    If you can’t read books, I guess crosswords & such are not an option either? How about writing?

    Orrrr, check out this page:

    Sure, it’s for kids, but it’s also good for a laugh or 2. =)

    Hang in there! *hugs*

  8. Lil Bit says:

    Ok, screw it == I’ve tried 2x now and bottom line, your blog doesn’t like comments with links in them. Ok, I get it now. lol

    Sooo, to try to recapture what I said:
    If you can’t read books, I guess crosswords & stuff are not an option either… but how about writing? Think of all of the lists & things you could make! 😉

    I originally put in a link to a page of ‘Things To Do When You’re Bored’, but your blog won’t accept my comment with it, so there goes THAT idea. lol
    Besides, it was for kids and included things like:
    1 – throw pennies at cats.
    2 – try speaking in a Shakespearean (or other) dialect for as long as you can. See how soon it annoys others.
    3 – Speed ‘radar’ people with a hair dryer.

    If you google it, you’ll find lists with virtually 1000s of things to do, but I guess the Q remains: *Can* you do ’em?

    Hang in there, sweetie.

    *fingers crossed that this comment TAKES this time* sheesh, lol

  9. Dave says:

    Lil Bit, thank you- sorry you had comment problems, lol. I’ll take a look, but at the moment- I’m liking the dialect idea, I think I’ll try that on the family tonight- and maybe all Thanksgiving, too!

  10. I am sorry things are so boring! But glad to hear you are doing better! When I was out from surgery back in February, March April…I was frustrated at the not being able to do anything… Urge to want to do everything… Now, you are right- I wish I had the CHOICE to do nothing. Keep up the recovery!

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