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Bloggery thoughts

I found myself thinking of the past today, for a variety of reasons, but one of the areas that stuck in my head was blogging, and bloggers. I realized that the first incarnation of this blog, way back when, was almost exactly five years ago.

It was on blogger then, and it was called “Meandering Mind of Mine”- I started in October 2005, while I was visiting my Mom (which was supposed to be a weeks vacation to deliver an airplane, and visit, and turned into a three-week stay when her health plummeted, and she died on the 15th). Add in the extra week for funerals and such, and I was gone for a bit longer than planned, and wasn’t quite such a nice time as we’d hoped.
Anyway, I started blogging during that couple weeks I was there and basically, trying to think out feelings, etc, etc; after returning home, I posted a few little things here and there, but nothing regular until the spring of 2006.

During that time, though, as I learned that I wasn’t the only one that felt the need to connect with people by writing, I encountered blogs and bloggers that I enjoyed, and would revisit; eventually, I put up a blog roll, and began commenting, and responding to comments.
The blog morphed some, here and there, with two big jumps- one, when I yanked it down completely (and never replaced a huge chunk, as it wasn’t needed, in my mind), and one when I moved to wordpress- both of which I did for reasons that were valid then, and less-so now; but, I kept reading my regulars, making rounds where I had too, using a feedreader whenever possible.

What I was thinking about today, though, was how many of them have stopped, changed, or moved on; looking at my blog roll now (yes, I should update it, remove the dead or outdated links, but I’m lazy, so sue me!), I started wondering in a general way, “where’d they go?”

For instance:

LilBit- http://littlehmphf.blogspot.com/ – hasn’t posted since May

Buttafly: http://crazylove25.blogspot.com/ – hasn’t posted since February.

Bunny: http://crazylove25.blogspot.com/ – hasn’t posted since May

Wenchy: http://realityinpurple.wordpress.com/ – deleted her blog

Others have given it up, with a “goodbye” post, or whatnot- and others, are as prolific as ever- that’s not a complete list, of course- just noting. I wonder too, why some choose to remove completely, others leave them up for indefinite times, and still others just fade?

There are a couple of others that are actually new blogs, but the same blogger. New addresses, new focuses, have created completely new directions in her blogs, and the old are swept away- I wonder too, if some of the inactive ones aren’t in that state, but haven’t chosen to share the change, or at least not publicly, or to me.

Personally, I find that it’s kind of nice, even if there aren’t new things for a while, to have the old posts there; I like going back, now and then, to refer to something someone said, and not be left wondering “who was that, when?” (No, no, I promise- I don’t ONLY go back to peek at the HNT’s, I only read for the articles anyway!) (okay, mostly 😉 )

Anyway, this thinking led me to a question or two- do you like having your old friend’s old writings around, if you ever feel like a revisit? Or do you not care? If you personally decide to quit your blog, would you delete it? Say goodbye but leave it? Just curious…


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11 Responses

  1. I wish I’d found your site ages ago, I loved reading your posts

  2. Beryl says:

    There are always a few I go back and read, but only two or three. Those that were that impacting I was or am usually close friends with. I’ve done as you mentioned…had a large blog and then come back smaller. Like you I need to write even if sometimes I go back and archive posts to private for whatever reasons.

    As an aside, I will say I wish you would post more.

  3. Cocotte says:

    I too was a reader of Lil Bit and Buttafly. I know that LB left for a specific reason and I think that Buttafly just got too busy. I do miss them both, along with a few others that have disappeared.

    It’s amazing how close you can become to those you will never meet face to face, isn’t it?

  4. Craig says:

    I started blogging around the same time you did – spring of ’06. I’ve left and come back a few times. Deleted my blog once, and then ended up restoring pretty much all of it. Quit for over a year, then started back up; blogged for another year-and-a-half, then power-shifted to a new blog with a new, more ‘real-life’ name. My old blog is still there, but some of the, um, ‘spicier’ bits have been taken out-of-circulation. Which is just as well. . .

    Back 2-3 years ago, there was a lively little ‘community’ of bloggers I was part of; maybe 10-15 of us, who read and commented on each other’s blogs, and a few of us even met up in person. But most of ’em aren’t around anymore, or are posting much less frequently than they used to. Including me, I suppose – I used to post a couple times week, but now it’s about once a week, if that. . .

    If I leave, I won’t delete my blog; I did that once, and regretted it. I’ll leave it there for anyone to read if they want to (altho I’m not sure why they’d want to, honestly). Besides, some of it, I’m little proud of having written. . .

  5. Dave says:

    Beryl: Seems like a lot of us do that. (Thanks- I’m not promising more, though, lol)

    Cocotte: It’s great, I think, how well you can get to know people- I love the friendships I’ve formed online, and find it much easier than in so-called “real life”.

    Craig: Yeah, I didn’t go down the whole list, but your twists were in my mind; and Therese, RS, Digger too. (I was planning on getting to indy as well, but circumstances dictated otherwise).

    And, I’ll add, I’m glad you are writing, and have left the old one up, it’s one I do revisit from time-to-time!

  6. tam says:

    I don’t believe I’ll ever delete my blog. I’ve done it a few times before and promised myself I’d not do it again. Of course, those that I deleted, I had good reason. 🙂

  7. Dave says:

    Tam: Good! And yeah, I know ya did, but I’m glad you won’t again 🙂

  8. Craig says:

    And Emily just shut hers down, after a couple years of posting only sporadically. FTN has gone private, and posted something like three times since April; C-Marie has been done for quite a while, and Taja has posted nothing since June, and only once since March. ‘Course, she had a baby, so (a) she’s been busy, and (b) she doesn’t have to blog about her struggles to get pregnant. . . 😉

    Of course, I’ve made some new blog-friends, and they’re great folks, but the ‘old crew’ just ain’t there anymore. . . (Nice to see Flutterby return, after several months’ hiatus, too. . .)

  9. I miss the blog friends I’d made several years ago, most of whom Craig has mentioned, and sometimes find myself wondering what they’re doing now, hoping they’re well. Last week, one of my early readers who no longer blogs posted a comment on one of my recent posts, leaving it just clear enough for me to know who it was, and there was something satisfying in knowing they still must read from time to time.

    All that said, I’ve been thinking a great deal of late of drawing things to a close. I don’t post as often as I used to, and I don’t know that I feel the tug of it that was there the way it was, probably when that blogging community was as vibrant as it was. There’s a multitude of things going on in my real world that, well, I don’t write about, but that need to be addressed. Sometimes I think I just need to work on that stuff and that stuff only. If I did stop, I know I wouldn’t delete the blog. I’m not sure how often I would personally go back and read from it, but I’d hate to see it go dark.

  10. Dave says:

    Craig: Yeah, Emily is one, and both C-Marie and Taja are also on that list; and yes, indeed it is good!

    FADKOG: I’m glad you won’t shutter it, I love reading your stuff, and love seeing “FADKOG” in bold, in my reader-list!

  11. Dave says:

    Theresia: Thanks, glad you came by

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