A Rock Feels No Pain

In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me


I can’t begin to tell you how moved I am, and amazed, and in awe of everyone of you, that read, clicked and cared-


In less than 24 hours, your outpouring of generosity in Prayers, Thoughts, Emails- and money- have raised MORE than I need, to get the certificate to work with IMALIVE…

I truly am so touched, I have tears of joy & gratitude pouring down my face- I don’t even know what more to say…




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6 Responses

  1. Beryl says:

    It worked because it was supposed to work.


  2. Dave says:

    Beryl: I think you’re right, and that’s pretty dang cool!

  3. Craig says:

    Well, dang it! I’m a little late to this party. . . But I will pray for you. . .

  4. Dave says:

    RHE: Yah, me too, happy dancing all over!

    Cocotte: It really is!

    Craig: Not too late for the prayers, cuz You’ll never convince me that’s not the reason it worked so well, so fast!

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