A Rock Feels No Pain

In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

Prayers Please

If you do, or whatever you *do* do, for my son Nick; he’s in the hospital & it really really sux big time, I’m the dad and supposed to be able to “fix” things, and I can’t, and I hate it with all my heart.

So, if you pray, or think, or sing, or what-have-you; I’d appreciate it.

Gotta go before I fall apart again, I think this was easier when I was a rock.


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7 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    Sending all kinds of prayers Nick’s way. For both of you. xoxox

  2. You know you can count me in with lots of prayers for your son and all of you as his support system. Call if there is anything I can do. Sending love and hugs your way.

  3. Craig says:

    Lots of prayers flying around on the Interwebs just now; of course I will pray for Nick, and for you. . .

  4. Adding prayers for your son and family to my list!

  5. Bijoux says:

    Is there an update? Still praying!

  6. Dave says:

    Melissa, Red, Craig, Cocotte/Bijoux, and Fadkog!

    Thank you so very very much! I’m adding an update now, but wanted to express here, how much I appreciate your prayers & thoughts & all-

    It means the world to me 🙂

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