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October is Boobie Month- or something close to that!

Coming up on October, and we all know what that means, right? Right! It’s time for Boobie-Thon! Oh, wait, no- it’s breast cancer awareness month, and Boobie-Thon is just one of the fun ways to support research into finding a cure.

This started a few years ago, and has grown each year. People submit photos of their boobies, and others can view them by making a donation; this allows access to the uncovered area, all the covered shots are free apparently. Everyone can get involved, either by donating, or submitting a photo. Guys, too, don’t be shy, send in a photo- after all, why should the ladies have all the fun?

Visit the site Boobie-Thon here. (The main page is work-safe, according to the authors).

Oh, and to answer the question I was asked about it yesterday, Yes- I did send a picture in.


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