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In despero , obscurum ; In Diligo , Lux lucis. (In despair, darkness; In Love, Light). -Me

What to do, what to do

This has not been a very fun week, overall. I’ve been away, working in Atlanta, but that’s okay. The “not fun” started last weekend, really. Bottom line, is I’ve decided that, as I wished for in the previous post, I’m going to become a rock.

At least, in certain areas, and in some parts of this marriage. Being a rock, then it wont hurt, you see. So I told Lynn, “If assh*** shows up, tell me; if I ask, tell me; otherwise, I don’t want to know, anymore.”

See, I thought for a year, that it’d be easier, if there was sharing, and knowing what was what, etc, etc. But since that wasn’t really happening, it just caused problems and stress, and pain, and a lot of fighting.

So I figure, try another way- maybe, I can just step back from that, and it’ll be better, or at least easier. We’ll have to see how that goes; we’re talking, still, so maybe this will work.

Tonight, though, should be a lot of fun! We have all the kids gone, wow! Not sure when that’s happened last, but we’ve been attempting to think of something to do, maybe a little more out of the ordinary than just going for dinner, coming home and finding ourselves at loose ends; Yeah, we’d be able to entertain ourselves sexually, thank you, but I’m trying to think of something more to do before I rip her clothes off, and jump her. (Or, perhaps, she rips mine off, and jumps me- never know how that might play out!).

We could go into NYC, but it’s chilly to just wander around, and I don’t know about places to “go”, really, that would be affordable and fun. We could just do dinner, movie and drinks, etc, but that seems like it’s not “enough”, on a night when we don’t have to be concerned with the kiddos.

Hmmmm, well, not sure what we’ll end up doing, but I’m looking forward to it anyway.


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