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Just call me Huck

I came across the link to this quiz on Snow’s blog and found it fun. So, although I don’t normally do them, or post the results, I thought this was cute enough to share. Suits me too, as Twain is by far my favorite author; I’ve got a full set of his “authorized edition”, which lives in a special glass-fronted bookcase that is reserved for the important books- things like my first edition “Captains Courageous”, first edition copies of the original Doctor Doolittle books- you know, important stuff!

You’re Adventures of Huckleberry Finn!

by Mark Twain

With an affinity for floating down the river, you see things in black
and white. The world is strange and new to you and the more you learn about it, the less
it makes sense. You probably speak with an accent and others have a hard time
understanding you and an even harder time taking you seriously. Nevertheless, your
adventurous spirit is admirable. You really like straw hats.

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at the Blue Pyramid.


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