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Sacramento, wasn’t. At least as far as work was concerned, the Sacramento site is actually at the old Mather Air Force Base, which has been converted to civil use. Which is fine, and good, and all that- but it means we stayed in a nothing hotel, in a suburb that could have been just about anywhere at all, called Rancho Cordova. Humph.

What this meant, is that after working from 645 to 700 each day, then dinner, we didn’t get into Sacramento proper at all. We’d planned on trying to go Thursday night, but that didn’t happen either- ‘cuz that night, we worked until about 930, then dinner, and fell into bed; and since the closing meeting was at 630 this morning, no one had the inclination to head in last night.

But, I cheated. Because of the way the flights worked out, my airplane didn’t leave until 115 pm, Pacific time. So, after the meeting this morning, I dropped three of my partners off at the airport, and drove into Sacramento myself. As it turned out, this was a great thing- I didn’t have to worry about holding anyone else up, nor did I have to hurry for a photo opportunity, etc.

I have a load of photos, which I’ll be putting on flickr, but I really loved a couple of them, that I took at the old lift bridge. That was great, because it happened that while I was wandering, a boat was passing; and while I was taking photos, I met the contractor that was responsible for the renovations and sidewalk widening that had been ongoing.

That was excellent, because he called me his “guest”, and let me cross over the barriers and gates while the bridge was in operation, past all the red flashing lights, etc, etc, to take a few photos. Not a bad person to run into, huh? The rest of my wandering was down in “Old Sacramento”, which is an area that’s pretty much maintained as it would have been long ago- but, it’s not quite all museum, so it’s more fun, because the shops are mingled with professional offices, lawyers and architects, accountants and tattoo parlors, ice cream and railroad museum are all in proximity.

It was fun, and I’m glad I didn’t go at night, because everything appeared to close at about 700. Even though I was earlier than many shops were open, it was better light too.

Here’s one of my favorites, click-through to see the rest of them on Flickr.

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